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Yoga at the Farm

Start the day with a yoga stretch in the peaceful and beautiful environment of the Mountain View Farm. The historic threshing barn, recently renovated, is the perfect venue for an uplifting, feel good experience.

Available twice a week or with advance arrangements, a yoga instructor will lead you through a series of movements and calm reflection to inspire a sense of wholesome relationship unifying the mind, body and spirit. All yoga instructors at the Inn have  years of experience, both learning and teaching.


“A stay at the inn at mountain View Farm is its own healing experience. Guests are fed creatively prepared, healthy food and accommodated on a sprawling, idyllic farm surrounded by hills and mountains.” – La Vie Claire


In addition to the Threshing Barn, there are several outdoor places at the Farm that provide a tranquil and natural landscape, such as a fenced perennial garden and a dramatic grassy hilltop overlooking the Willoughby Gap.

After the yoga class, enjoy a smoothie or a farm fresh healthy breakfast on the patio overlooking Burke Mountain. There is a certain energy here at the Farm that is both grounding and relaxing.

The Inn welcomes yoga instructors who wish to bring their classes to the Farm for yoga retreats. Please call  802-626-9924 or e-mail [email protected] for more information about planning a retreat.

To enhance the group’s experience, the Inn provides concierge service for renting kayaks, canoes or bikes. There are also several local guide services for adventure, kayaking, fishing and mountain biking on Kingdom Trails. Contact the Inn today to start planning a yoga retreat!

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“The Farm is postcard beautiful with spectacular views.” - Trip Advisor Review